Tuesday, 12 September 2017

D.I.Y puppy projects

For the crafters among us who just love making all types of things, I bet the cute money saving projects are our favourite! Whilst on my searches through the internet I am always looking for new cute things that I can make for my doggies.

Dog Bed
I think it's a great way to add a bit of your pets personality to accessories, what they wear or play with. I make things mainly because they are so many fun ideas to try, I love a challenge and homemade items to contain more love.

Bow Tie
Little gifts that are just for them :) I pride myself on how well I can complete craft projects as I like to think of myself as an amazing artist with a huge talent for crafting-whether that is true or not is irrelevant to me :D I don't count the crafting disasters, after all they are learning experiences otherwise known as experiments that were meant to turn out bad, right?
 I have made a few beds for Lolly which are always a great success.( except for the first one, it was an experiment :D) The jumper/sweater technique is so easy to make and Lolly just loves that it smells of her human. It is also a good way to recycle old sweaters :)

I have made one for my office, one for outside in the garden and one for inside. I even have one that I keep in the car so that when I go to friends or family Lolly has her little place to be. I have also had a shot at making clothes for Lolly. I'm not very good at following patterns, knitting or even crochet and I don't own a sewing machine so anything needing sewing is out. I can however hand sew and glue :D
Tug Toy

I am always on the lookout for belts, sweaters, scarves and baby clothes in charity shops. When Lolly has her hair long she doesn't really need a sweater but I still get a kick out of putting a bow in her hair or dressing her in some sort of accessory.

Puppy Top
Things for around her neck like scarves and collars are a favorite of mine. The low price of charity shop items consoles me when I mess up and have to throw away my creation because it went terribly wrong.

The images are links to a few craft ideas that I found inspiring and that I have tried myself. Next time I make something I'll record it so I can show you until then I'll  pass you on to the pros :)

I love sharing ideas and am delighted that I can show you what I have found and how much fun I have had, perhaps you'll get in contact and share some of your ideas. Do you have a blog that we might find interesting? Or maybe you have some tips to help me on my journey as a blogger. Wishing you all a wonderful day creating cute things for your precious pup x